Dancing Classes

Dancing Class-Rs.700/=
Dancing & Drumming Class-Rs.1400/=(per month)

Dancing Classes for Kids , School Students & School Leavers

 Professional Wedding Dance Group Male & Female

Up to Rs.25,000/=
As you’r requirement you can select female dance acts,male dance acts or mix dance acts with your favorite songs or any other music track.

Wedding Surprise Dance Group/ Surprises Dance For Groom/ Surprise Dance Ideas

Let’s do the surprise to you’r groom,bride or invitees….

 Choreography For Wedding Couple Dance/ Wedding Group Dance

Show you’r colors on you’r wedding day! Dance together & enjoy it.

 Choreography For Stage drama/ TV , Commercials/ Sinhala Song Visual/ TV , Programme / Dance Competitions & Any Other

As you’r requirement,you can make a beautiful dance act from us.

 Traditional & Modern Dance Costume/ Jewelry & Everything For Rent Out

If you want to rent a costume? contact us on 0716868049

Traditional Dance Course For Begins

Join with us to start or improve you’r traditional dance knowledge.

 Dance Choreography & Instruction For Universities/ Companies/ Schools/ Dancers & Beginners

Company & university Dance choreography for company competitions or any other competitions/ Dance lessons for company projects & university concerts.

 Fusion & Creative Dance Group

Fusion& Creative Dance As you’r requirement we can make a fusion or creative dance act to add some colours for you’r event.

Sinhala/ Hindi/ Tamil/ English/ Latin Modern Dance Group For Any Other Occasion

Sinhala,Hindi,Tamil,English,Latin & Modern Dance for you’r choice

 Modern Welcome Dance Group

Give a warm welcome to you’r invitees form lovely dance

 Traditional Welcome Dance

Welcome you’r guest with traditional touch..

 Traditional Dance Group

If you want to add some traditional colors to you’r function try it with traditional dance group.