Dayan Kahandawala Academy

Dayan Kahandawala
  –   The stage of presenting the unidentified inheritance
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A Pond for Liliesa

Dayan Kahandawala Academy of Dance, the stage of presenting the indentified inheritance of the sole and the culture is preparing a free space to express the artful expressions of the human. Mainly Dayan Kahandawala Academy of Dance facilitate the inherited talent through supplying the free environment which is the most important feature of a colorful and a healthy art. The students or the companions, who engage with Dayan Kahandawala Academy of Dance, will be offered the guidance to take out the best expression of their sole through a tempted dancing step or a striking sight. Therefore the ultimate result will be a pond of lovely lilies which express their best fragrance to the world with an undoubted beauty.

An Academy of Design

Though the colorful art needs the freedom of expression as the base factor, it should be attached to a discipline to protect its healthiness and the beauty of flow. Therefore it is essential to state a base which disciplines each and every activity of the institution. Not only that but also we need to have code of study to give the best support and guidance to the companions for a greater art. At that point, Dayan Kahandawala Academy of Dance becomes an academy with a wider exposure, a professional guidance and a thorough feedback.

Undoubted Experience

In 2012, Dayan Kahandawala Academy of Dance celebrates its tenth year of excellence with a wider exposure and an undoubted experience. The Guru at Dayan Kahandawala Dance Academy , Dayan Kahandawala along with his beloved partner Chandima Kahandawala is gifting their own experience and exposure aged even more than Dayan Kahandawala Academy of Dance. That experience is linked with the ancient Sinhala Dancing Shashtra and international exposure of art and dance.

The Gallery of Youth

As Dayan Kahandawala Academy of Dance is creating the art through the strength full youth, the company at Dayan Kahandawala Academy of Dance has prepared to facilitate the maximum relaxation of the youth mind. The atmosphere, art, guidance and even the company are inspiring to feel the best of the youth and fragrance of the freedom in expression. An internal culture has been developed with lots of art, freedom, friendship, guidance and great thoughts.