Dayan Kahandawala & Chandima Kahandawala

Dayan kahandawala is leading the Dayan Kahandawala academy of dance. He started this intuition in 2000. Dayan was born in 23rd December 1982 and loved dancing and choreography from the childhood. The main reason for that interest is his atmosphere in his hometown. The ‘Perahara’ Buddhist cultural ceremony of his village temple was the main inspirational event he saw from the beginning. That was the inception of his art life. His family had three children and as the youngest, he received a big family support to his career. The 1st step in his dancing carrier was kept at Bomiriya national school under Kalabhhoshana Mrs. Premalatha Liyanage. Secondary, his aesthetic paradigm was opened by popular choreographer, percussion artist and ballet composer Mr. Ravi Bandhu Vidyapathi.
He joined Ravibandhu Samanthi dancing academy in 1997 and started his professional life as a qualified dancer after he attained ‘Wes’ the ultimate goal of an Kandyan dancer in Sri Lanka. He gained an in-depth knowledge and exposure under Mr. Ravibandhi Vidyapathi on new styles, dress preparation, make up, ballet and advance choreography. Dayan contributed to all the compositions of Mr. Vidyapathi including ‘Udden Mihidan wu Daruwo, Thrushna, Thunwanna, Makbeth and etc. Accordingly, he was honored by being selected for the main role in Othello and revealed a new paradigm in his career. The experience and exposure gained by Dayan throughout the years were well illustrated in Othello.
Further, he received a scholarship by Ravibandhu – Samanthi dancing academy to learn Kathakali at Kerala Art Board in India. Attending to Chithrasena – Vajira dance company  which is the most prestigious academy for dance in the island in 2009 gave him the chance to learn Kandyan dancing from Dr. Vajira Chithrasena who is considered as the most senior dancer in the island for today. There, he excelled the steps and styles of Kandyan dancing. Further, he had the opportunity to learn academic aspects of Kandyan dancing from Upekkha Chithrasena.
dayan Kahandawala academy of dance which was founded by Dayan in 2000, is a leading dancing academy in Sri Lanka, having over 250 students. As a result of his dedication towards the institution, today the academy is an organization with a director board and a clear academic methodology. Not only that, but also it has a well trained and experienced staff of teachers.
Chandima kahandawala, being the bellowed wife of Dayan and the key pillar of his success, work as the head of the primary section and also as​the secretary of the organization. Her service to enhance the skills levels of the youngsters and also their creativity is highly recognized. Further, she has contributed the academy with her dancing from the inception in 2000 and was a member of the first dancing team which was exposed by Dayan Kahandawala Academy of Dance.